Join VoV

Come and sing with a group of talented music lovers!

How do I join VoV?

  • Our next audition will be held by appointment, between 8pm - 10pm at Silicon Valley Alliance Church.
  • In general, please find all the AUDITION DETAILS here

Who should audition for VoV?

  • Individual who has a passion for music, particularly in choral singing.
  • All levels of experience are welcome!
  • Musical background of VOV members is very diverse. There are singers who study music, take voice lessons or have tremendous choral singing experience; there are also singers who joined VOV with little/without singing experience or are not familiar with reading music score.
  • No matter what your level is, all of us share a vision to master and deliver good performance of various choral literature (Samples of our singing)

Rehearsal Information

  • Time: Every Thursday evening, 8:00 to 10:00pm (plus additional rehearsals that may fall on weekends before each performance)
  • Venue: Silicon Valley Alliance Church (10 Dempsey Road Milpitas, CA 95035)

Performance Information

  • Normally 2 concerts per year and each annual concert draws approximately 600-800 audience (Our past performance)
  • Participate in charity & volunteering gigs
  • Possible recording opportunities depending on concert schedule (Our debut CD)

Commitments expected from members

  • Attendance: Singers should attend all rehearsals if possible, but VoV is understanding to absence due to legitimate reasons. We also count on your responsibility and attitude in our practice.
  • Knowing your music: Additional study of your part at your own time is highly encouraged, especially if you feel left behind due to whatever reason, please catch up and be active to call for help to your part leader. Full rehearsals are mainly for making good music, not for learning notes.
  • Promotion: Help selling tickets and promoting the concerts (we always welcome members who even want to help more in various areas: finding sponsors, preparing props, .....)
  • Annual Membership Fee: TBD

What does VoV offer its members?

  • Exposure to different genre of music, and appreciation in choral works
  • Learn and enjoy choral singing techniques from Stephanie Chan, our director.
  • Sing and work as a group and show off your talents!
  • Opportunity to perform professionally in prestigious concert halls (eg. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts) in front of hundreds of audience
  • Opportunity to learn and improve music theory knowledge through workshops conducted by music talents
  • Share musical news about other concerts, forums, lectures, ....
  • Participate in community activities

Bylaws of VOV

Audition Guidelines

Audition is held by appointment with our director Miss Stephanie Chan and the leader from each voice part. It usually lasts from 10 - 15 minutes.

Make an appointment

If you are interested, please contact and send your questions to Terence Choy. Further instructions and driving directions will be given out.

For accompanist

  • Play two contrasting pieces and doing some sight reading

For singer

  • Sing a short solo piece, choosing one of the two songs selected by our director. You can sing in any key.  We will provide accompaniment. Please get a copy of the 2 songs below:

  • If you also want to prepare a second song that you believe can best showcase your singing, we will be glad to hear it. If so, bring your own pianist or expect to sing with little/no accompaniment.
  • Complete a short music theory quiz the best you can. No pressure at all. We do not evaluate your potential as a member with the quiz: it is simply a way to learn about your musical knowledge.
  • Do some vocalization to determine your voice type and range
  • Do a brief aural exercise (beat the rhythm, listen to interval, tone memorization, etc)
  • Possible sight-reading