Stephanie Chan 陳鳴鶯 (Music Director)

Stephanie is the founding Music Director of the Voices of the Valley. She is a dedicated music teacher and a seasoned choral director. Under her baton, the chorus won generous patronage and accolades in the Bay Area and attracted many talented musicians to join its roster.

Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Music Degree, summa cum laude, from San Francisco State University. She studied voice with sopranos Nancy Zi, Jeanette Hill, and Kathryn Harvey, and conducting with Dr. Byron McGilvray.

During Stephanie's tenure as Music Director (1983-1993), the choir of St. Paul's Co-educational College was chosen as the Best School Choir in Hong Kong for ten consecutive years. It also won the Gold Award in the Third International Music Festival held in Australia. Stephanie also served as Music Director of the Learners Chorus (1993-96), where their many concerts premiered contemporary compositions for Hong Kong composers, and was invited as a performing artist for the 1996 Hong Kong Arts Festival. Prior to her return to the Bay Area in 1996, Stephanie was a Lecturer in Voice at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Head of General Musicianship at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts.

Stephanie has been in great demand as a speaker on choral conducting and as guest conductor for choruses including the Hong Kong Children's Choir, the Hong Kong Music Institute, the Northcote College of Education, the Hong Kong International Institute of Music, and the Chinese YMCA Mission Choir. She served as an adjudicator for the 47th and 48th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Here in the Bay Area, Stephanie has worked closely with Builder of Christian Artists, and was one of the clinicians for CM2004 and CM2008. Stephanie premiered the Dream of the Red Chamber in Hong Kong with VoV where she was also invited to conduct the 30th Anniversary Concert of the SPCC Alumni Choir in November 2010.

As a singer, Stephanie has given solo recitals and has performed in opera productions both in California and in S.E. Asia. She is particularly noted for her interpretation of Mozartian roles and German Lieder. She has a wide repertoire in the oratorios and sacred cantatas and is also a great favorite with operettas and musicals. An experienced music teacher in voice and piano, Stephanie is now teaching in Milpitas.

Alice Cheung (alto)
Alice’s love of music started at an early age and she grew up singing in her high school choir. She also participated in inter-school music competitions, one of which she won second place singing a duet. She is grateful to come across VoV, through which she is able to share her passion of music with others. Alice has a beautiful family, including a handsome boy and a cute dog. She works as a California realtor in real estate redevelopment. She enjoys gourmet food, singing karaoke, traveling, and making new friends.
Anissa Tse (soprano)
Musical talent runs in the Anissa's family - she and her two siblings have all been members of Voices of the Valley at some point. Anissa's latest performance with the choir was in 2007, and we are very glad to have her back after a long hiatus. Anissa is a holder of ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in Piano.
Betty Lee 李珮芬 (alto)
Betty has joined VoV since it first started in 1998. Betty started singing in choir since high school in Hong Kong. She studied voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan, and holds the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in Singing. She also likes playing the cello and the piano. Besides music, Betty enjoys biking, snowboarding, and traveling. Betty is an application analyst at Stanford Children’s Hospital.
Bonnie Chan 陳靄洋 (soprano)
Growing up listening to her father playing the clarinet and her mother singing, Bonnie developed the love for music and has been singing in choirs since the age of 6. She carried her passion for singing through college years when she co-founded a SATB student chorus, Museko, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Besides being a music lover, playing the piano and the cello, Bonnie is also an aspiring gastronome and an avid traveler.
Cammi Tam 譚詩韻 (soprano)
Cammi had her first introduction to choral performance as early as in her 4th grade. She studied vocals with Ms. Rosaline Pi in Hong Kong and starting in 2004 with Ms. Stephanie Chan in the US. She is a holder of the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in singing. Cammi used to participate actively in Chinese ethnic folk dancing as well as many other performances and competitions during her school years.
Charmian Li 李愛賢 (alto)
Charmian has returned to singing and VoV after a 15-year hiatus, during which she raised two amazing daughters. Prior to her break, she studied voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan and is particularly fond of Italian songs and large symphonic choral works. She is a Business Analyst/Data Analyst at the county property tax department, but secretly hopes to open a bakery or hold babies. She plans to take voice lessons and singing certifications again and become a cat lady when she is officially an empty-nester.
Cheong Leung 梁漢鏘 (bass)
Cheong is a long time VoV member since 1999. He has been singing with the choir on and off ever since his children were born, and is glad to return when VoV restarted after the pandemic. Cheong also plays the cello and enjoys performing with various music groups. Outside of music, Cheong likes to cook, play tennis, and snowboard.
Christine Liu 廖佩茵 (soprano)
Christine appreciates performing arts all her life.  She started exploring her musical passion after graduating from college. While working in the accounting field, she was also a vocal student of Ms. Stephanie Chan.  Christine enjoys singing with others and later becomes a member of VoV.  She is a holder of Advance Certificate in Singing by the Trinity College of Music in London.
Cinnie Chan 陳緻珊 (Soprano)
Cinnie embarked on her journey with VoV in 2023, following the prolonged break due to Covid. Her passion for music traces back to her childhood in Hong Kong, where she pursued piano lessons until her family relocated to the US when she was 14. She was in a children choir in San Francisco for a short time. Throughout her high school years, she was a member of the church choir. Beyond music, Cinnie finds delight in gardening and baking.
Clare Lee (alto)
Clare discovered her love for singing in her early twenties through karaoke songs, and appreciates different music genres but especially Jazz, Cuban, and K-pop. She dreams of one day learning a musical instrument (maybe the drums) and jamming with her children. For her next act, she aspires to mitigate global climate challenges through investing and education, nurture old interests and explore new ones, and spend time traveling the world with her family.
Deborah Yeung 楊樂恩 (soprano)
Deborah has been singing with VoV since 2003 and is a holder of the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificates in Voice and Piano under the tutelage of Ms. Stephanie Chan. She loves Baroque music and is dreaming of owning her own harpsichord. Besides singing and piano, she enjoys traveling, wine tasting, gardening, and country music. Deborah counts beans and crunches numbers at a bay area startup.
Helen Lin 林美怡 (soprano)
Helen returned back to VoV after a 15 years hiatus. She developed an interest in music appreciation and singing from her father. She has been an active choir member in her former schools since the age of 7 and participated in numerous School Music Festivals and solo competitions in Hong Kong and Vancouver. She joined Hong Kong Children’s Choir at the age of 12 and have toured in 8 countries around the world. Helen also joined the Latin chorus alongside with her father at Rosary Church in Hong Kong. She studied voice with George Cotton in Vancouver and with Ms. Stephanie Chan after joining VoV in 2002. Aside from singing, she also enjoys travelling and gourmet food.
Irene Tang 鄧藹玲 (alto)
Irene started choral singing at the age of 6 and has been singing with VoV since 2003. She is currently studying voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan and received a distinction in both Intermediate and Advance Certificate in Singing by the Trinity College of Music in London. She is both excited and intimidated to be performing on stage. Irene is an Accounting/Finance Consultant mainly servicing startup companies in the Bay Area. Apart from singing, Irene likes to knit, wine tasting, and spends time with her dog.
Jonathan Jiang 蔣劍寧 (bass)
While backpacking in Europe, Jonathan spent a few nights at the Vienna music conservatory and has since been inspired to pursue music ever since. Jonathan holds the Trinity College London Advance Certificate for Singing, awarded with Distinction under the tutelage of Ms. Stephanie Chan. He is also a co-founder of, a company which aims to provide a better way to find faculty for universities. When not developing fantastic web applications, he enjoys playing badminton, biking, jogging, and relaxing at various milk-tea tea shops in the city of San Francisco, and around the Bay Area.
Kathy Hsieh 謝侑真 (soprano)
Kathy started singing in a children’s choir in 5th grade. She was active in many pop-music competitions and performances after college. She studies voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan since 2006 and is a holder of the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in Voice and obtained the Advanced and ATCL Certificate in Singing from the Trinity College in London with distinction. She loves to sing and act for the many musicals and operas with VoV and friends. Besides singing she is also a passionate artist and has been working in the computer/mobile-game industry for many years.
Kayi Sze 施嘉懿, piano
Kayi is an enthusiastic pianist and violinist. She began playing the violin at the age of 4 and the piano at the age of 7. Currently, she studies piano with Constanze Lee and violin with Andrew Chan. At the age of 12, Kayi became an Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) in Violin. She is now preparing to obtain the Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) in Violin and the Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) in Piano. Kayi has won several awards in both piano and violin, including 1st place in the Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival (Violin), 2nd place in the US International Open Music Competition (Piano), and 3rd place in the Piano Competition for Elite Performers (Hong Kong). She served as the concertmaster of the United Christian College (Kowloon East) Orchestra and acted as the conduit between the conductor and orchestra for musical performances at the Hong Kong Baptist University Academic Community Hall in front of an audience of over 1,300 people. Kayi is passionate about performing and sharing her music with others.
Major Lai (tenor)
Major studied singing and choral conducting with David Kwok-Cheong Lui in Hong Kong before immigrating to the U.S. He has also been studying voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan since 2006. Major has received a Distinction in both ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate as well as Trinity College London Advanced Certificate in voice. Apart from music, Major also enjoys photography, swimming, and the arts.
Michelle Yau 游可兒 (alto)
Michelle started singing at an early age and has never stopped.   She was member of the Hong Kong Children's Choir, school choirs, Iowa State Singers, and now, VoV.   She studied voice with Stephanie Chan, Jean Thomas, and Mary Linduska.  A mother of two darling kids, Michelle treasures her time with family and friends.  She is also a passionate photographer.
Mina Chan 陳敏如 (alto)
Mina joined VoV in May 2023, when the choir re-started after the Covid pandemic. Mina loves music and singing from an early age. She joined a district children’s choir when it was first established and has not stopped singing since then. Mina was an active choir member during her years in the schools and university in Hong Kong and participated in numerous Inter-School Music Festivals. She also has fond memories of joining the intra-school and community singing contests with her best friend cum duet partner and winning numerous prizes. Besides singing, Mina started learning piano at teenager and is a holder of the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in Piano and Music Theory. She had been playing piano for her school’s assemblies and at church services for many years. Apart from music, Mina also has a passion for languages. She is currently a Medical Interpreter and Translator at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health.
Terence Choy 蔡振中 (bass)
Terence holds the DipABRSM Diploma with distinction in voice and the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate in piano. He studies singing with Ms. Stephanie Chan, and is a passionate student of the German Lieder and English art songs. Terence is a founding member of VoV, and frequently directs and choreographs the choir's staged performance, drawing inspirations from the diverse live performances the SF bay area has to offer. Terence is a hardware engineering manager in Ericsson, and enjoys swimming, playing tennis and running under the beautiful California sun.
Theresa Chen 劉滌宜 (soprano)
Theresa joined VoV in 2003. Prior to joining VoV, she sang with San Jose Chinese Choir and church choirs for 10 years. She took choral conducting lessons from Dr. Angel Chan and voice lessons from Yvonne Wang. Theresa also does ministry work at church and enjoys family life, travelling, pilates classes, and gardening.
Tiffany Lai 黎天慧 (alto)
Born into a family of musical affinity, Tiffany has been surrounded by the sound of harmonious vocals and instruments for as long as she can remember. As time passed, her heart’s longing for song and performance only grew stronger, with them eventually joining a piano class and a children's choir in 2010 and 2011 respectively. In addition, Tiffany also enjoys playing the cello, drumming, dancing, and drawing.
Xuexiao Zhang 张雪宵 (piano accompanist)
Born into a musical family, Xuexiao started learning piano at the age of 3. Her piano teachers include Feilan Li from China Central Philharmonic Orchestra, Hui Zhong from China Central Conservatory of Music, Tieying Wu from Capital Normal University, and Jinlan Song from China Central Conservatory of Music.

After she graduated with a major in Piano from the music department of Capital Normal University, Xuexiao became the piano accompanist for China Central Broadcasting Station Chorus. She was also the A class teacher in Beijing Jiangjie Piano School.

Xuexiao played piano accompaniment for rehearsal of “A Cantata for the set-down Youth”. “Yellow River Cantata”, and “Beethoven Symphony 9 (choral)” for V-J Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration Gala. She was the piano accompanist for the Melody Chorus Reunion Concert in 2016. She is a member of Music Teachers' Association of California(MTAC). She is currently the piano accompanist for Silicon Valley United Chorus, “Zhiyin” Chorus, Melody Chorus, and Voices of the Valley Chorus.
Aggie Cheung 張子欣 (alto)
Aggie's interests in music began at the age of 4 when she started learning piano, for which she holds a Grade 8 certificate from the Royal School of Music. She participated in Hong Kong Children's Choir for a year when she was 6, and after that she participated in numerous Hong Kong School's Music Festivals during primary and secondary school. Besides being a musician, she is also a freelance illustrator and an artist for mobile game companies.
Angela Lai 黎春華 (soprano, accompanist)
Angela holds the LRSM Diploma in Singing and ATCL Diploma in Piano.   She was a first year student at St Paul’s Co-educational College when Ms. Stephanie Chan started teaching there, and has been benefitting from her tutelage in voice, piano and general musicianship ever since.   Angela also studied piano with Ms. Yu Jia Ying in Hong Kong and greatly enjoys accompanying her friends. She joined VoV as its first accompanist when the choir was founded.
Clement Pang 彭皓昕 (tenor, accompanist)
Clement loves to play for hours at a time on the piano at home and enjoys many genres of music. He has written and arranged many pieces since high school, and also loves to sing. He first started learning the piano at 5 under Yogi Wong and then under Elenna Wong in Hong Kong. Clement holds the LRSM and DipABRSM for Piano Performance and has been an accompanist for many occasions, including recitals, choirs, musicals, competitions, RTHK 4 programmes, and in church.
Jenny Liu (alto)
Jenny enjoys singing and is glad to have discovered VoV. Singing is the best way to release stress and pressure! Jenny is excited about being part of VoV, and has opportunities to sing with a group of wonderful friends. Being a new comer to the group, Jenny looks forward to more singing and connecting with people who share the same passion and hobbies!
Jonathan Au (tenor)
Jonathan studied singing with Ms. Stephanie Chan and holds the ABRSM Grade 8 Certificate with Distinction in Singing. Jonathan was one of the early VoVers back in 1998, but had been on and off VoV since his two young children were born. He is very pleased to be singing with VoV again this season. He is currently a bean counter and a soccer/basketball/baseball dad in San Francisco.
Kevin Ng (bass)
Kevin has always loved singing and has been ever since high school, when he first joined the church choir at First Chinese Southern Baptist Church in San Francisco. While at FCSBC, he was quite active and directed the Chinese congregation choir for about two years. He currently also sings in the church choir at Silicon Valley Alliance Church, under the direction of Stephanie Chan. Kevin recently joined VoV in the spring of 2016 and enjoys his time singing here. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to classical music, as well as contemporary jazz, such as saxophonist Kirk Whalum.
Kevin Park (bass)
Kevin is a soft-spoken, but loud, patron of the Arts who engages in science and engineering for divertissement. He enjoys music, stories, music that tells stories, sports, teaching, and crafts of all sorts. He is city-born, but loves the country life. How do you explain Kevin in words? He is not a book; he's a movie. He is not words; he's a feeling.​
Rex Lee (tenor)
Rex sang with his church choir when he was in high school and concert choir in college. Then he didn't--until decades later when VoV took him in.
Romney Wong 黃信鶴 (bass)
Romney’s interest in music was an influence by his parents, who listened to Cantonese operas, as well as Russian folk music and Italian operas translated into Chinese. He started choral singing in primary school and has been loving it since. He studies voice with Ms. Stephanie Chan and holds the ATCL Diploma in Singing. Romney is a software architect at Orient Overseas Container Line Limited.
Steve Wong (tenor)
At the age of 4, Steve recorded his debut over his mom's beloved Chinese opera tape. The tape was ruined. Not only did he get away but the recording brought great joy to his mom. Later in life, he became a music lover who sings and conducts various church choirs.
Victor Thu (tenor)
Victor has surrounded himself in music since he was young. Started out playing piano as a young kid, to playing various musical instruments in a marching band, and to singing in various choirs in high school and college. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and flying in small airplanes.
Wailin Liao 廖慧蓮 (alto)
Wailin started singing with various choral groups in Hong Kong since secondary school.  She was also an active member in the symphonic band and orchestra playing trumpet. She continued singing through and beyond university years, organizing various schools and public concerts.   She has been with VoV since 2005 and has been enjoying every moment of making great music with great friends.